Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little N

My youngest brother N is a very curious little lad, just like every other 5year old I suppose. The following conversation went on between us yesterday. (FYI: he calls me mommy and he calls mom, “mom”)

N: Mommy is it raining?

Me: yes honey, it is. Why?

N: I want to go play in the rain.

Me: you already have a cold; you can go some other time when you’re feeling better.

N: but I’m feeling better now.

I give him his coloring book

Me: why don’t you go color this?

N: Mommy are the trees still outside?

Me: (Dumbstruck by the question) yes honey, why?

N: Then why don’t they catch a cold?

I didn’t have an answer to that, do you?


  1. oooh, thank you for stopping by and commenting!! you're so sweet. i'd be so happy to hear from you more! :) i love calvin and hobbes. fantastic post! :) <3

  2. thanx dear,
    lovely of you to stop by=)