Monday, October 5, 2009

Glitter fabric paints

Last weekend was all about fabric painting. I actually got these glitter fabric paint bottles and thought I’d do a bit of creative work.
This one I did for my younger sister. She had a plain red top and since I didn’t have any color that goes with red, I chose to use silver. As she loves butterflies I drew her one on the right hand side of her top.

The purple one I did for a cousin of mine. She wanted something more like a floral design on her knee length dress. It’s a deep purple shiny satin. So I used silver together with purple glitter and added rectangular sequins kind of thingy to it. I love how it turned out and I’m glad she did too!

It took me only one hour to finish each dress. I also drew the famous Naruto character, Sasuke Kun for my cousin of four years. I’ll post some pics of it sometime later. So since then ta-ta! Have a nice day=)