Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bzzzzzzzz…is it a bee?

Yup it is, and it stung me this weekend. But don’t worry, its just a crafting bee and I’ve been having a sewing frenzy. Yippee.. just what I needed. I’m feeling a lot better now, not that my problems just vanished but I’m learning to get along. So, here’s what I sewed yesterday.

This one is a small sized bag for my lovely little cousin. She turned 5 last month and since she lives in another island I wasn’t able to give her a gift. But now she’s staying at my mom’s place for the school holidays. She was overjoyed to get her gift. I put a little "S" next to the flower because her name starts with "S". I like the idea of personalising bags. Plus this is the first time I made a bag with side pockets. And I like how it turned out. Will be making more in the future.

This is a little ipod cover I made for hubby. His old cover was so worn out so I made this for him. It cheered him up so it made my day=)

And here are the two bags I made the week before, the ones I made for orders. In a previous post I promised to show the pics. So here they are. One is black with red flowers and the other is red with a white snowflake.

That’s all I have for now. Hopefully I'll post soon. Have a great day!!

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