Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glass Painting

I did a bit of glass painting last week. Seeing as I had some empty jam jars around the house I did not have to buy anything. I took some pictures while painting so I thought I’ll write a little “how-to” of the process.

At first I cleaned the jar thoroughly. The paper label came off easily but I had to scrub for some time to wash off the remaining glue. It’ll be easier if you keep the jar in some soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes before scrubbing.

If you want to draw a certain cartoon or a design it’ll be helpful if you attach the image to the inside of the jar using double sided tape or blu-tack. I skipped this step since I just wanted to do some free hand drawing.

Using a glass paint liner (I used Fevicryl glass paint liner in black), draw your preferred design. You can draw on the whole jar or draw on one side, leave it to dry and draw again. Since this will avoid accidental smudging.

Next add color to your design. Here too I wait until one side dries before adding paint to the other side. I used Fevicryl solvent based glass color but water based color will work as well.

After the whole thing dried I wasn’t still satisfied.
So I added more paint (red color) to the top and bottom but this time I sponged color without using a brush. This saves paint and time as well.

There it goes, from a simple jar to something beautiful. You could use it as a vase or pen holder or just as deco.
I’m not much of an expert in glass painting but I hope this little tutorial helps anyone who’d like to glass paint.

Hope you all have a nice day=)

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